An Update on Garmin Integration

We’re excited to announce that Garmin integration will be available very soon! We know you’re excited and we can’t wait to unveil it. The original plan was to use the Garmin Connect API to sync your workouts. Garmin allowed us early access to develop this integration. Unfortunately, things at Garmin have been delayed and the API is not available just yet. Instead of waiting, we’ve decided to develop a temporary workaround solution. We’ve been using this solution internally and we’ll be opening it up to everyone once we’re satisfied with the testing. We hope to make it available within the next week or two.



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6 responses to “An Update on Garmin Integration

  1. I am SOOOOO looking forward to this. I can’t wait!

  2. Julian

    Awesome! I’ve been waiting to use your site as soon as Garmin sync becomes available.

  3. cmon cmon cmon cmon



    I hope it won’t be entirely tied to SportTracks…that would effectively exclude all Mac users…

    cmon cmon cmon cmon


  4. Want some help testing?

  5. Christina Hebert

    Im so excited you guys are doing this! Happy enough to do a happy dance. We all have been waiting!

  6. Steven

    Sweet!!! I can’t wait! This might just help me switch to . . . any chance we’ll be able to export data from a site like and import it into DailyMile?

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