Help dailymile get heard!

The New York Times is running a special section titled “Marathon Tech Review.” They are reviewing tech products every Friday up to the start of the New York Marathon. We’d love to be one of the products they review. Here’s a snippet from their first post:

“Each Friday, I will put to the test e-tools, gadgets and applications that aim to track runners’ progress and help train for the big run. I hope you’ll e-mail me your own tips, tools or other e-wizardry at” –

If you have a few minutes, drop them an email them and let them know how dailymile has been helpful in your training. Thanks so much!



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Discover New Athletes Who Rock

find runners, cyclists, triathletes like oyu.

We’ve updated the people page to make it easier to find and discover other athletes like you. You can now view athletes who are competing in similar races, best motivators, funniest, and athletes logging the most miles. Friend and follow the training of other athletes doing cool stuff. Also, we’ve added the ability to view previous feed items with a “show more” button on your dashboard.  We’re fastly approaching 1 million miles logged on dailymile!!! Keep up the hard work 🙂


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We’ve Got Graphs!

Plot your miles, time, pace, and calories. Overlay your friends and compare your training with theirs. Find interesting trends in your training data and train better.

Did you know this year, as a community, we’ve run over 9 times around the world and worn through over 800 pairs of shoes? You can now track several of these stats on the new You vs Friends and Everyone tabs.

There’s a new social leaderboard as well. Find out who is the most inspirational, humorous, the biggest socialite, and who has the best karma. Other features include: a new dashboard design, calorie tracking, and the ability to export your training data. 

We hope this new update allows you to better analyze your training and continues to make logging your miles fun and easy. Enjoy the new features, and let us know if you have any suggestions!


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Share Your Workouts on Facebook!

Keep your Facebook friends in your training loop. We’ve added facebook support to dailymile! You can already share your workouts on Twitter, but now you can post your workouts directly to your Facebook feed as well. Big shout out to dailymiler Mike Mangino and author of Developing Facebook Platform Applications with Rails for helping develop it!


You can start sharing your workouts on Facebook by linking your account. Next time you post a workout, you’ll see the above prompt, and you can disconnect it at any time.

We’re always working on making it easier to share your training. If you’ve got questions or a suggestion, please contact us. We love hearing from you.


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New Feature: Map it!

routes1We’re excited to announce Google Maps integration with dailymile! You can now map your favorite routes and share them with friends. You can either create a new map by clicking the “New” link in the route section of your workout tab, or by clicking the Routes link on your homepage menu. You’ll also be able to delete and edit past routes from your routes page. Check out this sweet route I’ve been running: Panhandle Route. What’s your favorite route?

Also, If this isn’t already awesome enough, we’re only a few miles away from break half a million miles logged!


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New Feature: Import Your Nike+

Importing Nike+ workouts has been one of the most frequently requested features since we launched. We’re excited to announce that we’re now doing it!

You can get started by clicking the new ‘Import Nike+’ link on the workout form. (If you sync workouts from Nike+ that you’ve already entered into dailymile, simply click the ‘X’ to delete them.) Please let us know if you have any questions or have ideas on how we can improve!

We’re really close to releasing another one of our most requested features. Can you guess what it is? 😉


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Record Videos on Dailymile

We had so much fun watching the videos people recorded talking about their training goals for the New Year that we just had to have more! We’ve just pushed live a new feature that allows you to record a video of yourself right on dailymile. Many thanks to our friends over at Seesmic who made this possible.

Videos are a great way to introduce yourself to your dailymile friends and share your workouts and training goals. Weekly workout tips show anyone?

Hey, try it out now and Say Hi 🙂

We can’t wait to get to know everyone a little bit better and watch your videos. As always, if you’ve got questions or a suggestion, please contact us. We love hearing from you.

There are lots of other great features we’re working on that we’ll be releasing shortly — stay tuned!


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